Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drawing conclusions of the project in our school. Final meeting in Toila conference centre 28.-29. June 2011

 Working on the outcomes and impact of the project.
 Altogether 20 activities done during these two years were counted. The impact on the school and the local community was great.
 Distribution of materials and forms that should be filled in for the final report and European Shared Treasure.
 Our activity group on the way to Toila. Our horizons were broadened again.
The happy project leader, satisfied with the results of the project.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guided tour in Kurgja Farm Museum

 Our project leader Jaime and an Estonian cow
 Listening to our guide talking about Jakobson's secrets of farming in Estonia more than 100 years ago
 Elke Heinzel (headmistress of GGI) and Christiane Gillner (German project leader) in Jakobson's museum dwelling house.
 Jaime and Björn pulling the barge over the river...  the participants of the final meeting on it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4.06.2011 Arrival of participants and a tour in Old Tallinn

The Germans have arrived: Elke Heinzel (headmistress of GGI), Björn Frohman (GGI Comenius team member) Christiane Gillner (project leader in GGI). Ülle Tomingas and Katrin Palu from Vändra Gymnasium have come to meet them at the airport.
 The Spanish have arrived: Jaime Garcia Solana (SPODRAMUS project leader) and Isabella Parra Linares (headmistress of IES Clara Campoamor).
 A walk in Old Tallinn with the Germans.
 A lot of questions about our capital got answers.
 Björn and an Estonian lady in her medieval costume.
 At one of the many handicraft shops  in Tallinn.
 Estonian handicraft, especially linen products intrested the Germans.
Looking at Estonian masters' work.